In 2000, Heckler & Koch, at that time owned by Royal Ordnance, were contracted to upgrade the SA80 family of weapons. Two hundred thousand SA80s were re-manufactured at a cost of £400 each, producing the L85A2 variant. Changes focused primarily on improving reliability and include: a redesigned cocking handle, modified bolt, extractor and a redesigned hammer assembly that produces a slight delay in the hammer’s operation in continuous fire mode, improving reliability and stability. The L85A2 can also mount the HK AG36 40 mm grenade launcher in a configuration similar to the M203 grenade launcher. The addition of the grenade launcher adds another 3.30 lb (1.49 kg) to the L85A2's weight.

As well as the United Kingdom, it is used by Jamaica, Nepal and Zimbabwe.

3rd Edition RulesEdit

Stage II Rules

Type: Assault Rifle (Bullpup)
Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO (Stage III Rules use the full Ballistics Chart)
Capacity: 30
Damage: 6
Penetration: x2/x3
Range: Medium/Sniping
Speed: 3/4/6
Recoil: 4
Bulk: 3
Weight: 3.8kg
Barter Value: GG750
Street Price: $1,500

Bullpup: Reloading the L85A2 Bullpup Assault Rifle takes 2 ticks more than normal.

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