Land Rover Defender 110 patrol vehicles


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The Land Rover models most likely to be encountered are the short wheelbase Defender 90 and long wheelbase Defender 110 & Defender 130. All are basically similar, but the longer versions can carry more cargo or passengers. It may be fitted with a pintle mount, equivalent to a NATO heavy tripod.

There are various body styles, sold to both civilian and military customers (there only slight detail differences between the vehicles sold to civilians and the military). The Defender 90 & 110 can come as a pickup, hard top or soft top. The Defender 110 and 130 also have a double cab option, with seats for five. The 130 is only generally available as a pickup or double cab, but is often used as the basis for special-purpose vehicles, a relatively common one being an ambulance with space for four stretcher cases in the back.

2nd Edition StatsEdit

Price: $8,000 (V/S) (Defender 130 is S/R)
Travel Move: 180/45
Combat Move: 60/35
Fuel Capacity: 60 (Defender 90), 75 (Defender 110), 75 (Defender 130)
Fuel Consumption: 20
Fuel Type: G, A or D, A
Load: 675kg (Defender 90), 1,100kg (Defender 110), 1,380kg (Defender 130)
Vehicle Weight: 2.5 tons (Defender 90), 3 tons (Defender 110), 3.5 tons (Defender 130)
Crew: 2+4 (Defender 90), 2+8 (Defender 110), 2+3 (Defender 130)
Maintenance: 2
Night Vision: Headlights

2nd Edition Combat StatsEdit

Configuration: Standard
Suspension: Wheeled (1)
HF: 1
HS: 1
HR: 1

3rd Edition StatsEdit

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Barter Value: GG6,250 Street Price: $50,000

Configuration: Standard

Suspension: OR

Crew: 1+5

Cargo: 1.25 tons

Weight: 2.4 tons

Travel Speed: 40/10 km/hr

Combat Speed: 111/28 m

Fuel: 90 L (D)

Fuel Cons: 8 L/hr

Maintenance: 6

Armor (soft-skinned): HF 1, HS 1, HR 1; Susp 3

Armament: Weapon mount.
Ammo: Dependent on mounted weapon; carried as cargo.
Comm: Military vehicular radio.
Sensors: Headlights.
Aux: Self-recovery winch.

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