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The 101 Forward Control was a vehicle produced by Land Rover for the British Army. The vehicle was primarily produced to meet the Army's requirement for a gun tractor, and was designed to tow a field gun (the L118 Light Gun) with a ton of ammunition and other equipment in the rear load space, giving it the alternative name of the One Ton Land Rover. The vehicle was designed to be easily transported by air; the positioning of the 3.5 L Rover V8 engine beneath and to the rear of the cab eliminating the bonnet at the front, making the vehicle more or less cuboid, eliminating unused space in transport aircraft.

The official name of 101 Forward Control is derived from the vehicle's 101-inch (2,565 mm) wheelbase, and the position of the driver, above and slightly in front of the front wheels which used a fairly large 9.00"×16" tyre. To cope with the extra height above the ground, the wheels feature an unusual feature for a Land Rover (but used for many years on the much older and similar Mercedes Unimog S404); a flange around the centre of the wheel has an embossed tread pattern to allow the crew to use it as a step to enter the cab, otherwise known as a wheel-step.

Development of the 101FC started in the late 1967, and production took place between 1972 and 1978. All the vehicles produced were soft top ("rag top") General Service (GS) gun tractors, although later on many were rebuilt with hard-top ambulance bodies and as radio communication trucks. A rare variant is the electronic warfare Vampire body.

As of the late 1990s, the 101's were decommissioned by the MoD and were replaced with Defenders and Pinzgauer vehicles.

2nd Edition StatsEdit

Price: $7,000 (S/R)
Travel Move: 180/45
Combat Move: 60/35
Fuel Capacity: 110
Fuel Consumption: 30
Fuel Type: G, A
Load: 1,200kg
Vehicle Weight: 3 tons
Crew: 2+8
Maintenance: 2
Night Vision: Headlights

2nd Edition Combat StatsEdit

Configuration: Standard
Suspension: Wheeled (1)
HF: 1
HS: 1
HR: 1
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