M14 Rifle

The M14 rifle, formally the United States Rifle, Caliber 7.62 mm, M14, is an American selective fire battle rifle firing 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition. Although largely superseded in military use by the M16 rifle, it remains in limited front line service with the United States Army, United States Marine Corps, and United States Navy, and as a ceremonial weapon. The M14 also provides the basis for the M21 and M25 sniper rifles. It was the last so-called "battle rifle" (a term applied to weapons firing full-power rifle ammunition) issued in quantity to U.S. troops.

3rd Edition StatsEdit

Stage II Rules

Type: Battle Rifle
Caliber: 7.62x51mm (Stage III Rules use the full Ballistics Chart)
Capacity: 20
Damage: 8
Penetration: x2/x3
Range: Medium/Extreme
Speed: 4/6/9
Recoil: 8
Bulk: 4
Weight: 5.2 kg
Barter Value: GG500
Street Price: $1,000

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