M2 Bradley

M2 Bradley

The M2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) is a fully tracked, lightly armored vehicle that offers significant improvements over the M113 series of armored personnel carriers. The M2 posses greater power, greater acceleration, and an advanced suspension for a significant increase in cross-country speed. Like the M113, the primary purpose of the M2 is to carry infantryman on the battlefield, and transport and support them with fire if necessary. The M2 Bradley carries a crew of three (Commander, Gunner & Driver) and a six-man Infantry section into combat.

The M3 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle (CFV) is exactly the same chassis as the M2 IFV with some minor internal differences. The M3 is a cavalry/scout vehicle, instead of carrying 6 dismounts in the payload compartment, the M3 carries a pair of scouts, additional radios, ammunition, and TOW and Dragon or Javelin missile rounds. In fact, the only noticeable differences between the M2 and the M3 are that the external firing ports for the squad M16s are absent on the M3.


M2 Bradley Class of Vehicle
Crew 3 Crew 3
6 Infantry Dismounts 2 Cavalry Scouts
Length 21'2" Length 21'2"
Width 10'6" Width 10'6"
Height 9'9" Height 9'9"
Weight 50,000 lbs Weight 50,000 lbs
Road Speed 45 mph Road Speed 45 mph
Range 300 miles Range 300 miles
Engine Cummins VTA-903T water-cooled 4 cycle diesel Engine Cummins VTA-903T water-cooled 4 cycle diesel
Armament 25mm cannon (Chain-gun) Armament 25mm cannon (Chain-gun)
7.62 mm coaxially mounted machine gun 7.62 mm coaxially mounted machine gun
TOW missile launcher with twin tubes TOW missile launcher with twin tubes
Prime Contractor United Defense, Limited Partnership Prime Contractor United Defense, Limited Partnership

3rd Edition StatsEdit

M2A3 Bradley IFV
Barter Value: GG1,600,000 Street Price: $3,200,000
Configuration: Turreted
Suspension: Tracked
Crew: 3+6
Cargo: 1.5 tons
Weight: 33 tons
Travel Speed: 22/12 km/hr
Combat Speed: 66/33 m
Fuel: 750 (Diesel)
Fuel Cons: 190 L/hr
Maintenance: 16
Armor: HF: 14-Sp, HS:12-Sp, HR: 6; TF: 12-Sp, TS: 6-Sp, TR: 4-Sp; Suspension: 5
  Armament: M242 Bushmaster (good stabilization); TOW launcher (2 launch tubes); coaxial MG.
  Ammo: 900 rounds of 25mm; 7 TOW missiles; 2,200 rounds of belted 7.62mm NATO.
  Communications: Military Vehicular Radio; tactical data link.
  Sensors: Headlights; night vision system (D); thermal and night vision gunsights (C, G).
  Aux: Amphibious running gear; NBC defense system..

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