The MT-LB is a simple armoured vehicle which can function as personnel carrier, cargo carrier or artillery tractor (in the latter role, it can tow an artillery piece whilst carrying the crew and a supply of ready ammunition). The design used existing components wherever possible, including a standard truck engine, making repairs and maintenance relatively easy.

The driver and commander/gunner sit in a compartment in the front. To the rear is a large compartment that can hold up to 11 infantrymen. Access to the rear compartment is via two rear doors or two roof hatches. Alternatively, it can carry a cargo of up to 2,000kg and/or tow a load of up to 6,500kg. It is fully amphibious, NBC sealed, and has a built-in digging blade for entrenching. An infra-red/white light searchlight is fitted.

There is a small turret at the front of the vehicle which holds the armament, a 7.62mm PK machine gun. There is a firing port on each side of the hull, and one in each rear door.

MT-LB is in use with the following countries: Armenia; Azerbaijan; Bangladesh; Belarus; Bulgaria; Finland; Georgia; Iraq; Hungary; Kazakhstan; Lithuania; Macedonia; Moldova; Niger; Poland; Russia; Sweden; Ukraine; Soviet Union; Germany; Yugoslavia

2nd Edition StatsEdit

Price: $75,000 (R/C)
Travel Move: 130/80
Combat Move: 30/20
Fuel Capacity: 360
Fuel Consumption: 120
Fuel Type: D, A
Load: 2,000kg in the rear compartment. 6,500kg towed
Vehicle Weight: 11.9 tons
Crew: 2 + 11
Maintenance: 5
Night Vision: Headlights, white light searchlight, active infra-red for driver

2nd Edition Combat StatsEdit

Armament: 7.62mm PK
Ammo: 2,500 x 7.62mm L
Configuration: CIH (crew in hull)
Suspension: T: 2
HF: 2
HS: 2
HR: 2

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