Major Aleksei Kulikova, KGB, Poland
Major Aleksei Kulikova

Major Kulikova

BACKGROUND: Major Aleksei Kulikova is a KGB agent based in Poland. If he discovers that the players have papers that were destined for GRU headquarters, he will want to get them back, partly because they are obviously important. His main motivation, however, is that it would cause the GRU some considerable embarrassment if the KGB recovered important papers that the GRU had lost, and he may even be able to use them directly against the GRU.

Kulikova has the authority to commandeer Soviet forces if he needs them, and he is more than willing to do so. In fact, he is willing to do anything to achieve his aims. He can be friendly or threatening, as the situation dictates, and can switch from friend to enemy in a heartbeat.

He is intended to be a recurring villain, and so a full character sheet (PDF) is provided: File:CharacterSheet-AlekseiKulikova.pdf

Queen of : Ruthless.
Six of : Moderately greedy.

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