The Mi-28 Havoc is a Soviet/Warsaw Pact Attack Helicopter introduced to service in 2009 but still appears in frontline service in the Twilight 2000 universe.

First Edition Stats Edit

Special Features: Thermal Vision for Pilot and Thermal Sight for Gunner.

Price: $1,000,000

RF: +40

IR: +0

Armament: 4 HMP, 1 23MM

Ammo: Pod Basic Load, 166x23MM HE

TrMov: 250

Com Mov: 400

Mnvr: 20

Acc: 120

Fuel Cap: 1200

Fuel Cons: 500

Wt: 3.7T

Cargo: 200 Kg

Load: 3800 Kg

Mtn: 32

Crew: 2 (Pilot/Gunner)

Armor: FF(25), CF(25), RF(20), RB(25)

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