Technical Sergeant Michael "Boomer" Donohue, USAF is an EOD specialist with 619th Combat Security Group. He is an NPC in the King's Ransom module.

Twilight 2000 canon Edit

As a boy, Mike Donohue liked making explosions. His parents thought it was a talent he inhertied from his great-grandfather, who practiced the art in the streets of Belfast. In high school, Mike's talents resulted in straight A's in Chemistry and the destruction of part of the chemistry lab on two occasions. After his graduation, Mike went to work for a company that specialized in demolishing old buildings.

Unfortunately for Mike, he proved as aprt at demolishing opponents in barroom brawls as he did at building demolition. After one fight, which resulted in several local police officers being sent to the hospital, he was given the choice of time in the military or time in the slammer. Donohue opted for the Air Force.

Ironically, Mike became a Combat Security Policeman, specializing in setting and disarming booby traps. The discipline proved good for him; Mike reenlisted after his first four years and began to study nuclear explosives.

Mike and the rest of his team were sent to the Persian Gulf in 1995. Part of his job was to instruct the various local security forces in bomb disarming. He worked with members of the US Army's 7th Special Forces Group on a variety of tasks.

In 1996, Mike was part of a unit of military advisors that was sent to Iran. The unit was stationed at Esfahan, where Mike's main job was to teach guerillas how to make improvised munitions. Donohue and the rest of his unit were withdrawn to Saudi Arabia when the Russians invaded in December.

Tech Sergeant Donohue got his first taste of ground combat in February 1997 when a Spetsnaz team attacked the airfield where Mike was stationed. After the smoke cleared, Mike went to work disarming the explosive devices the Russians had left behind. During the Soviet counteroffensive in July 1997, Donohue took part in the defense of Bushehr, where his skill with "improvised munitions" aided the defenders considerably.

After the situation in Iran stabilized a bit, Tech Sergeant Donohue went to Kenya for tht next two years as part of the American military mission there. He returned to Iran in June of 2000 as part of the amphibious force that landed ant Chah Bahar. Since then, he has worked as a sort of roving troubleshooter for the CO of 619th Combat Security Group.

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