The following page(s) contains fictitious world events as background material for the Twilight:2000 role-playing game. These events should not be confused with their real life counterparts. People and places shown should in no way be thought of as accurate representations of anything living, dead or undead.

In 1999, The US Congress reconvened. The House of Representatives elected Senator John Broward president. General Jonathan Cummings, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, refused to recognize the constitutional validity of the election and declared a continuation of martial law.

The civilian government under President Broward is commonly referred to as Civgov. The military government, under General Cummings, is referred to as Milgov.

Milgov's Military Forces (1st Edition)Edit

Strategic ReserveEdit

100th Infantry Division

The division was formed in Louisville, KY on 20 July 1998 by re-designation of the 100th Training Division (US Army Reserve).

Subordination: Strategic Reserve
Current Location: Fort Carson, CO
Manpower: 6000 (Including 2000 local militia)
Tanks: 5 M60A4, 1 M1A1

1st US ArmyEdit

This army has effectively ceased to exist and headquarters personnel have dispersed.

12th CorpsEdit

78th Infantry Division (Light)

The division was formed at Edison, NJ on 20 July 1998 by re-designation of the 78th Training Division (US Army Reserve).

Subordination: 12th Corps
Current Location: Fory Dix, NJ
Manpower: 900
Tanks: 1 M60A4
43rd Military Police Brigade

A Rhode Island National Guard Brigade which was broughtinto federal service in November 1996. In early 2001, the unit mutinied and killed its commanding officer.

Subordination: None
Current Location: Military Region I (New York and New England States)
Manpower: Unknown
Tanks: Unknown

5th US ArmyEdit

194th Armored Brigade

A pre-war regular brigade stationed at Fort Knox, KY.

Subordination: 5th US Army
Current Location: Cairo, IL
Manpower: 600 (plus 200 at Robinson, IL
Tanks: 1 M1, 2 M1A1, 2 M1A2 (plus 3 M1 at Robinson, IL)
197th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized)

Current Location:

90th CorpsEdit

49th Armored Division

A National Guard division consisting of three Texas National Guard Brigades (the 1st Texas National Guard, 2nd Texas National Guard and 3rd Texas National Guard).

Subordination: 90th Corps
Current Location: Oklahoma
Manpower: 1200, dispersed among several company-sized units.
Tanks: 1 M60A4, 2 M1, 2 Stingrays, dispersed among several company-sized units.

9th US ArmyEdit

10th CorpsEdit

10th Infantry Division (Mountian)

A fair number of its veterans are former Soviet soldiers who have been absorbed.

Subordination: None
Current Location: Region around Anchorage, AK
Manpower: 1000 effectives, now dispersed into seven main community defense Militias.
Tanks: 0

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