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The Military of the Netherlands is composed of four branches, all of which carry the prefix Koninklijke (Royal):

Conscription Edit

The Netherlands military relied upon compulsary military service throughout the Cold War. The percentage would rise significantly on mobilization with the recall of thousands of conscript-trained reservists. All males over age 18 were eligible for conscription (dienstplicht). The term of service was 14-18 months, depending on specialization. Deferrment was possible, due to study, for example. Conscientious objectors could perform an alternative civilian service instead of military service.

Dutch military culture Edit

As a mirror of Dutch society in general, the conscript military seemed, in the eyes of many forgien observers, to have relaxed and liberal standards. In 1966, the Association of Conscript Military (Vereniging Van Dienstplichtige Militairen) was formed as a "soldier trade union" to give a voice for conscripts that was independent of military or political control. Throughout the 1970s, 80s, and 90s it was common to see conscript soldiers with long hair that would be considered "unmilitary" in other nation's armies.

Order of Battle Edit

From NATO Vehicle Guide (GDW 0526)

The following order of battle is as of 1 July 2000.


  • Corps Troops
101st Reserve Infantry Brigade
302nd Reserve Infantry Brigade
304th Reserve Infantry Brigade
11th Mechanized Brigade
12th Mechanized Brigade
13th Armored Brigade
102nd Field Artillery Group
41st Mechanized Brigade
42nd Mechanized Brigade
43rd Mechanized Brigade
103rd Field Artillery Group
51st Armored Brigade
52nd Mechanized Brigade
53rd Mechanized Brigade
104th Field Artillery Group
  • Royal Netherlands Marines
1st Commando Group
2nd Commando Group
  • Mobile Command
102nd Recon Battalion
103rd Recon Battalion
104th Recon Battalion
105th Recon Battalion

Equipment Edit

Vehicles Edit

Netherlands infantry

Dutch infantry disembarking from a YPR armored infanty fighting vehicle

Small arms Edit

  • FN FAL -- adopted 1961, with bipod, without full-auto
  • FN FAL 50.42 -- heavy barrel for use as squad automatic weapon
  • FN MAG -- general purpose machine gun
  • Steyr SSG 69 -- sniper rifle
  • Uzi -- adopted 1954, folding stock and fixed (wooden) stock

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