The Militia Patrol is a standard encounter which can be used in place of other possibilities when an "Armed" encounter is indicated. Militia patrols can be found most anywhere, but are most often encountered within 5-10 km of a settlement. Militia Patrol (RCN/60)
1-3 1 Veteran, 2 Experienced, 3 Novices.  Armed with 2 assault or battle rifles, 2 sporting rifles, and 2 shotguns.
4-5 As above, but with 6 horses (20%) or bicyles (80%) for transportation.
6 As above, but with 6 motorcycles (60%) or 1 AFV (40%) for transportation.

(1st Edition Stat Blocks) (2nd Edition Stat Blocks) (3rd Edition Stat Blocks)

For every 5 base units present, there is a 50% chance that the patrol will have either a light machinegun or a light/medium mortar. Almost any assault or battle rifle imaginable can be found in the hands of militias.

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