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The Mossad (HaMossad leModi'in uleTafkidim Meyuhadim/Institute Intelligence and Special Operations) is the national intelligence agency of Israel.

Mossad is one of the main entities in the Israeli intelligence community along with Aman (military intelligence), Shin Bet (internal security). Its Director reports directly to the Prime Minister.

Oranization Edit

Mossad is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. The agency is organized into serveral departments.[1][2][3]

Collections Edit

The largest department in Mossad is Collections, tasked with many aspects of conducting espionage overseas. Field intelligence officers, called katsas, are similar to case officers of the CIA.

Research Department Edit

Research Department is responsible for intelligence production, including daily situation reports, weekly summaries and detailed monthly reports. The Department is organized into 15 geographically specialized sections or "desks", including the USA, Canada and Western Europe, Latin America, Former Soviet Union, China, Africa, the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia), Libya, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Iran. A "nuclear" desk is focused on special weapons related issues.

Political Action and Liaison Department Edit

The Political Action and Liaison Department is responsible for working both with allied foreign intelligence services, and with nations that have no normal diplomatic relations with Israel.


Responsibility for Mossad's electronics intelligence (ELINT) and signals intelligence (SIGINT) operations rests with Nbiota department.

Technology Edit

The Technology Department is responsible for development of advanced technologies for support of Mossad operations.

Special Operations Division Edit

The Special Operations Division, known as Masada (Metsada), is involved in paramilitary operations including sabotage and assassination.

Psychological Operations Department Edit

The Lohamah Psichlogit (LAP) department is responsible for psychological warfare, propaganda and deception operations.

Mossad NPCs in Twilight 2000 Edit

Notes and references Edit

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