Muhammad Hammoud is a Captain in the Hezbollah militia based in South Lebanon. He is an NPC in the Cedars of Lebanon module.

Hammoud is a Shi’ite Muslim. He joined Hezbollah in 1990 as a young guerrilla fighter in l-Muqawama al-Islamiyya ("The Islamic Resistance" – the party’s military organization). He has risen through the ranks to command a well-armed militia company.

Hammoud has a personal animus towards Brig. Gen. George Lahoud, commander-in-chief of the Israeli-allied South Lebanese Army. He blames Lahoud for the 1991 killing of two of Hammoud’s cousins who were in a Hezbollah unit that was ambushed the SLA para-commando battalion that Lahoud commanded at the time. The two cousins were rumored to have been executed by Lahoud after they surrendered.

Hammoud is a Veteran NPC. He speaks English (50%) and French (50%) in addition to his native Arabic (100%).

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