Nederland Colorado
The town of Nederland is a terrorized small town in the Boulder Mountains, west of Boulder, Colorado. Prior to the war, the town had a population of 1500, many of whom were employed in Denver but enjoyed the mountain lifestyle. The current population is approximately 200 people. Most of the current survivors cut timber in the former Roosevelt National Forest or hunt and forage for food. Starvation and disease are epidemic.

During the Collapse, Nederland was occupied by Collectivists from the People's Republic of Boulder (PRB), which executed those deemed politically undesireable and established a monthly "contribution" for each citizen to the PRB. Nederland houses an observation post (OP) manned by a six Collectivists in the former town hall (a small building) and enforce the monthly tithe. The OP contains two hunting rifes, two shotguns, two assault rifles, and one M60 machine-gun. The OP also houses a working radio to communicate with Boulder and a stable of six horses.

Can anyone tell me what a "terrorized small town" is? Thanks in advance.