Nova Direkto (Esperanto for New Direction) are a post-holocaust survivalist organization introduced in Castle by the Sea. It was formed as a pan-European organisation, preparing for the day when the United States would start a war in Europe that would destroy civilisation, and Nova Direkto intended to be ready to restart civilisation in the aftermath, preserving Europe's culture. Membership was open to all Europeans. As time went on, the group became more military-focused, and more "survivalist" in outlook.

Castle by the Sea is set in Northern Poland, but there may be Nova Direkto enclaves in other locations. If there are any other enclaves, they are most likely to be in eastern Europe. Weapons and equipment will be primarily Warsaw Pact, bought using western currency before the war. A likely enclave would consist of:

250 NPCs (90 Novice, 100 Experienced, 40 Veteran and 20 Elite)

Small arms would consist of standard Warsaw Pact weapons (AK-74, AK-R, PK & RPK machine guns, etc)

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