The OH-58 Kiowa AHIP is a US/NATO Reconnaissance Helicopter built by Bell and introduced to service in 1969.

First Edition Stats Edit

Special Features: Thermal Vision for Pilot and Thermal Sight for Gunner. Laser Rangefinder and Target Designator. Thermal Sight mounter on overhead mast so helicopter does not have to expose itself to observe over a crest line or a tree line.

Price: $120,000

Armament: 1 LMP

Ammo: Pod Basic Load

RF: +30

IR: +10

TrMov: 185

Com Mov: 260

Mnvr: 15

Acc: 100

Fuel Cap: 275

Fuel Cons: 110

Wt: 0.6T

Cargo: 450 Kg

Load: 760 Kg

Mtn: 22

Crew: 2+3 (Pilot,Copilot/Gunner)

Armor: FF(20),CF(15),RF(15),RB(15)

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