The City defense force or ORMO was organized and is currently led by General Bohusz-Szyszko, Krakow's Police Prefect. The ORMO has the responsibility for keeping the several marauder bands in the surrounding area at bay, and for keeping the peace in Krakow. The ORMO wields the real political power in the city, since the General's decisions are the only ones that can be backed up by military authority. The ORMO answers only to Bohusz-Szyszko, never to Kutrzeba or the city council. The ORMO includes elite and veteran troops from the Polish 8th MRD, as well as novice and conscript from Krakow's civilian population. The veterans will be NCOs, Officers, and the older experienced soldiers and will account for approximately one-fourth of the ORMO.

Leaders Edit

The Commanding officer of the ORMO is Major General Zygmunt Bohusz-Szyszko. His senior staff officers include Colonel Wladimar Bzduliec, Major Wojciecj Szczepanski, and Major Wladislaw Kobiecki.

Numbers Edit

The Krakow ORMO has a total strength of 6,900 man and women when fully mobilized. Of these, 1,366 are standing regular armed troops, 3,320 are part time militia, 606 are military logistical and support troops, and approximately 1,600 are unarmed laborers. about 475 armed militia are active at any given time giving the Krakow ORMO a normal active combatant force of about 1,850.

Organisation Edit

Infantry: The basic combat unit of the Krakow ORMO is the Rifle Company of 100 men. Each Rifle Company consists of three Rifle Platoons, a Weapons Platoon and a small Headquarters Group. The Rifle Platoon has 25 men organised in three Squads of seven men each and a Platoon Headquarters of four men (Platoon leader, Senior NCO, and two Runners). The Company's Weapons Platoon consists of one Grenade Launcher Squad of two men, one Anti-Tank Squad of three man, one Machine-gun Squad of seven men and a Platoon Headquarters of of three men (Platoon Leader/NCO and two Runners). The Company Headquarters detachment includes the Commander and Senior NCO, one Radio Operator and two Runners. Rifle Companies are grouped in Battalions, of which there are a total of ten, Each Battalion has three Rifle Companies and a Mortar Battery. The Mortar Battery consists of two Platoons, each of two Squads. Each Squad consists of a five-man mortar crew (with a 120MM Mortar) and each platoon is commanded by a Senior NCO, giving the Platoon a total of eleven men.The Battery Headquarters detachment includes the commander and the Senior NCO, one Radio Operator, and fifteen unarmed Ammo Porters. The Rifle Battalion Headquarters includes a total of twenty-one men, consisting of a Commander, Deputy Commander, Senior NCO, four Signalers, one unarmed Medic, two unarmed Clerks, two unarmed Mess Orderlies, two Runners, and a Rifle Squad for security. Each Battalion has a total of 350 men.

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