Oleg Mravinsky, GRU Copenhagen, Denmark
Oleg Mravinsky
BACKGROUND: Oleg Mravinsky was conscripted into the Soviet army, and chosen for Spetsnaz training. He joined the GRU a few years later, and was sent to Denmark in 1990.

Mravinsky has several contacts within the Danish government, including some low-level contacts that supply him with secret information. He wants to be the Copenhagen station leader, and expects his discovery of working UK oil rigs to be a significant step towards that goal.

Charisma: 8, Persuasion: 7, Language (Danish): 8

Nine of : He wants to be the Copenhagen station leader, and works hard to raise his profile within the GRU.
Three of : Mravinsky is fairly open to bribery, as long as it will not jeapordise his career within the GRU. He is much more likely to accept a bribe if it is unlikely to be discovered.

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