Red Arrow 9

This is an anti-tank missile system in use with the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

Main Tactical and Technical Specifications of the Weapon System:Edit

  • Max Range: 5000 m
  • Calibre: 152 mm
  • Weight of the tube contained missile: 37 Kg
  • Penetration: more than 1200 mm
  • Elevation: ± 10°; azimuth: ± 200°
  • High anti-jamming capability
  • Command transmission distance: < 5.5 km
  • Night fighting capability: detection, 4 km; recognition, > 2.5 km
  • Mounted on vehicle and helicopter
  • Complete technical support system
Thermal Imaging Sight
  • Detection Range: 4000m
  • Recognition Range: 2500m
Laser Transmission Unit
  • Command Transmission Range: 5500m

Vehicle with Red Arrow 9 Anti-tank Missile Weapon System:Edit

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Main Specifications
  • Combat weight: 13.75 tons
  • Total number of missile carried: 12 rounds
  • Searching range: azimuth, ±200°; elevation, ±10°
  • Missiles can be launched normally when the carrying vehicle is on the slop less than 10°.
  • Automatic and manual operating modes are designed for launch unit elevation, missile loading and launching tube disposal.
  • The periscope optical sight can find a target over 7 Km.

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