This page details some resources for GMs and players, both on this wiki and elsewhere.

Maps Edit

This wiki has some maps. See the Maps category for maps of specific places, and the Generic maps category for maps that do not have roads etc labelled, and can be used for any settlement of the appropriate size (with some editing, if desired)

The United Nations Cartographic Setion is a good source of country maps. They are available as PDFs, which can be edited in Inkscape. has ex-Soviet military maps at various scales.

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is an effort to create free map data. There is a guide on how to use the data to make a map. Some of the maps on this wiki were created using OSM data.

The USGS Store has scans of topographic maps that can be bought or downloaded (for free) as PDFs.

The Twilight 2000 forum at has a thread for maps, floor plans, deck plans etc.

Character Sheets Edit

avantman42 has made a 2nd Edition character sheet. Two versions are available:

Floor Plans Edit

avantman42 has made some floor plans. These are all in the Resources category. is an excellent source of house floor plans.

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