Roger Caldwell is deputy governor of Civgov's III Military Region. He is an NPC in the Allegheny Uprising module

Twilight 2000 canon Edit

Biography Edit

From the Allegheny Uprising module:

Caldwell was an assistant undersecretary of the Department of Health and Human Services until the destruction of Washington on November 27, 1997. He avoided the riots in Baltimore and was able to travel to Annapolis where he rejoined a number of former government officials who had survived the Washington holocaust. Caldwell was at least partly responsible for convincing the commander of 228th Signal Brigade that it was in his best interests to remain loyal to the nation's civilian government, and he helped organize the Maryland State Emergency Council as an interim governing body for the entire III Military Region (Maryland to South Carolina), but which in fact managed to maintain control of Maryland between Baltimore, Frederick, and the ruins of Washinton DC.

His current position is Deputy Governor of the III Military Region, a position he holds as a civilian under the commander of the 228th Infantry Brigade. He is also a senior member of the Maryland State Emergency Council. It was his idea to relocate the lost cache - which he learned of from Charles Franklin, a friend - and his idea to use personnel from outside the 228th.

Caldwell sees the lost cache as the key to establishing Civgov control of Maryland and western Pennsylvania. He expects that such control will smooth matters for him personally and for Maryland in general when Civgov and Milgov resolve their differences, one way or another. His own position within the Maryland SEC is delicate, however. He has gambled mufh on his plan to secure the lost cache. Failure could bring political ruin.

Caldwell, 48, is short, red-haired, bright, pugnacious, and observant man, with the outward friendliness of a born politician.

NPC motivation Edit

  • Club 5: Caldwell is a combative, pugnacious individual, though this is softened by his goodnatured friendliness. He is aggressive and daring in his planning and in carrying out what he sets out to do.
  • Spade 8: Caldwell seeks power, the drive which led him into government in the first place. His quest for power is not single-minded, however. He genuinely wants to control events in Maryland for the good of Maryland and of the civilian government, and hope to avoid open war with Milgov.

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