The SPG-9 is a recoilless rifle produced in large numbers by the Soviet Union. It is similar to the 73mm smoothbore gun on the BMP-1 and BMD-1, but fires ammunition (HEAT and HE) with a larger propellant charge. It has a crew of two, and can be set up in about a minute. It can only be fired from its tripod. There is a version for airborne troops, the SPG-9D, which has detachable wheels.

2nd Edition StatsEdit

Price: $35,000 (R/C)
Range: 250
Damage (HEAT): C: 4; B: 12
Damage (HE): C: 6; B: 12
Penetration (HEAT): 70C
Penetration (HE): -3C
Weight: 60kg with tripod

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