Day SailerEdit


A motorboat is a vessel propelled by an internal combustion engine driving a jet pump or a propeller.


A speedboat is a small motorboat designed to move quickly, used in races, for pulling water skiers, as patrol boats, and as fast-moving armed attack vessels by the military. Even inflatable boats with a motor attached which may be serving as a high speed patrol boat or as a plodding pedestrian dinghy providing transport to and from a mooring buoy are motorboats.

Cabin CruiserEdit

Yacht (Ocean Sailboat)Edit


A towboat is a boat designed for pushing barges. Towboats are characterized by a square bow with steel knees for pushing and powerful engines.
Civilian Riverboat
A Riverboat is a boat designed to transport people and cargo along rivers and inland waterways. It is not designed for the open ocean.


Patrol BoatEdit

Small Unit Riverine Craft (SURC)

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