The following page(s) contains fictitious world events as background material for the Twilight:2000 role-playing game. These events should not be confused with their real life counterparts. People and places shown should in no way be thought of as accurate representations of anything living, dead or undead.

Order of Battle (OOB) for the Syrian Army.

1st Corps Edit

Current Location: Damascus, Syria

17th Armored Brigade
96th Armored Brigade
112th Mechanized Brigade
62nd Armored Brigade
65th Armored Brigade
32nd Mechanized Brigade
43rd Armored Brigade
91st Armored Brigade
52nd Mechanized Brigade
12th Armored Brigade
98th Armored Brigade
11th Mechanized Brigade
58th Armored Brigade
68th Armored Brigade
78th Mechanized Brigade
1st Special Forces Regiment
2nd Special Forces Regiment
3rd Special Forces Regiment
4th Special Forces Regiment
  • Corps Assets
2 independent artillery brigades
2 independent anti-tank brigades

2nd Corps Edit

Current Location: Zebdani, Syria

44th Armored Brigade
46th Armored Brigade
42nd Mechanized Brigade
47th Armored Brigade
82nd Armored Brigade
132nd Mechanized Brigade
60th Armored Brigade
67th Armored Brigade
87th Mechanized Brigade
1st Armored Brigade
61st Mechanized Brigade
89th Mechanized Brigades
51st Armored Brigade
85th Armored Brigade
123rd Mechanized Brigade
  • Corps Assets
5 special forces regiments

3rd Corps Edit

Current Location: Hama, Syria

14th Armored Brigade
15th Armored Brigade
19th Mechanized Brigade
An independent unit headquartered in the naval base of Latakia with four Coastal Defense Battalions in Latakia, Banias, Hamidieh and Tartous.

Corps Assets Edit

5 independent special forces regiments

Reserve Corps Edit

Current Location: Damascus, Syria

2 independent armored regiments
3 independent artillery brigades

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