The Territorial Army (TA) is the volunteer reserve of the British Army, composed of part-time soldiers, and includes reconnaissance, infantry and artillery elements. Before the Twilight War, it was intended to provide the home defence force for the United Kingdom as well as supplying 30% of the strength of the British Army of the Rhine.

Order of Battle, 2000Edit

2nd Infantry Division - York

  • 15 Brigade - Topcliffe
    • The Queen's Own Yeomanry - Newcastle upon Tyne
    • 1st Battalion, the Yorkshire Volunteers - Lumley Barracks, York
    • 2nd Battalion, the Yorkshire Volunteers - Worsley Barracks, York
    • 6th (Northumberland) Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers - Newcastle Upon Tyne
    • 7th (Durham) Battalion, the Light Infantry - Durham
    • 8th (Yorkshire) Battalion, the Light Infantry - Wakefield
  • 49 Brigade - Chilwell
    • Royal Yeomanry - Chelsea, London
    • 5th Battalion, Royal Anglian Regt - Peterborough
    • 7th Battalion, Royal Anglian Regt - Leicester
    • 3rd Battalion, Staffordshire Regt - Wolverhampton
    • 5th Battalion, the Light Infantry - Shrewsbury
    • 5th Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers - Coventry

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