The Great Muslim War is just a name for a particular theater of operation in the Twilight War. By the end of 2012 it encompasses almost all of the Middle East, Central Asia and parts of Eastern Africa. By including the conflicts in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India,there are over a dozen countries and ethnic groups involved in Muslim-on-Muslim fighting. The only non-Muslim groups fighting within the region are the three U.S. Army divisions in Kurdistan and the Israelis. By the end of the year, most of the fighting devolves into archaic means of attacking, with only a few mechanized units. The Saudis are the only well equipped units in the region. At a time when most transportation is provided by horseback, the Saudis still have operational tank brigades. Air superiority is determined quickly with the Saudis coming out on top. With all of these technological advantages, the Saudis gain no more ground than their Iranian counterparts.

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