The Sikh Regiment of Canada

Regimental Cap badge


At the start of the Twilight War a Sikh committee; composed of Sikh community leaders and former servicemen of the Sikh Regiment of India; proposed that the Canadian Army create a Sikh Regiment. The DND believed that such a force would be divisive and immensely difficult to organize. The Sikh committee pointed out the unit will be no different from the Scottish and Irish Regiments of the Canadian Army or the Bold Eagle Program run by Western Command Area; and there will be no shortage of young recruits from a community that prides itself on its military heritage. However, consultants brought in by the DND to attract ethnic recruits did not favour the proposal, and advised against forming such a unit. Undiscourage by DND’s rejection the Sikh committee decided to fund and train the regiment themselves, in hopes to change the mind of DND.


Though an agreement with the Kwantlen First Nation, the Regiment setup a training depot at McMillan Island Reserve 6, McMillan Island, British Columbia (28 min east of Surrey), with about 458 men in attendance. The depot was run by a mix staff former Sikh Regiment and former British Army veterans. Weapons of the regiment came from India Army with a gift of 500 Ishapore 2A Rifles; along with protests from DND and External Affairs. After six months of training the regiment held Operation Black Tornado; a training exercise designed to showcase the regiment’s military prowess to the Canadian Press.

Legal ProblemsEdit

With Operation Black Tornado making front page headlines cross country, the Federal Department of Justice in conjunction with BC Department of Justice issued a Court Order ordering the disbandment of regiment under grounds the regiment had violated the National Defence Act. The Regiment responded by filing a law suit against the Federal and BC Government, claiming they had violated their Right of Self-Defense. For over two years the case dragged though the court system, but the Thanksgiving nuclear attack halted all proceedings before a verdict could be reached.

Operational UseEdit

In aftermath of the nuclear attacks the Army had the Regiment’s weapons released and pressed the regiment into service as light infantry battalion. Currently the regiment has assumed an internal security/defence role in the Fraser Valley Regional District.

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