HMMWV Mowag SAS Land Rover
UAZ-469 Land Rover WMIK
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Most armies use some variant of an unarmored 4x4 truck for patrol and light transport operations. The following generic traits can be applied to model the American HMMWV, the British Land Rover WMIK, the Russian UAZ-469, the Swiss Mowag Eagle, Isreali M240 Sufa and other similar designs.

3rd Edition StatsEdit

Tactical Truck
Barter Value: GG6,250 Street Price: $50,000
Configuration: Standard
Suspension: Off Road
Crew: 1+5
Cargo: 1.25 tons
Weight: 2.4 tons
Travel Speed: 40/10 km/hr
Combat Speed: 111/28 m
Fuel: 90 (Diesel)
Fuel Cons: 8 L/hr
Maintenance: 6
Armor: HF: 1 (Soft Skinned), HS:1 (Soft Skinned), HR: 1 (Soft Skinned); TF: , TS: , TR: ; Suspension: 3
  Armament: Weapon Mount; ; .
  Ammo: ; ; .
  Communications: Military Vehicular Radio; .
  Sensors: Headlights; ; .
  Aux: Self-recovery winch..

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