With the invasion of China, one of the major problems facing the Soviet Supreme Command (VGK) was what the US response would be. In particular, the VGK was concerned about the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) whose area of operation included Iran and Pakistan. The Soviets feared a U.S.-Iranian or U.S.-Pakistani combined operation against their southern borders, in support of China.

To prevent this, the Soviets began infiltrating agitators and terrorists into several pro-western countries in the area. Among the many cover groups formed in the year before the Sino-Soviet war was the Mourabitin-al-lslam (Guardians of Islam), formerly a group of Lebanese Islamic Marxists who were now reinforced and re-equipped. Their expanded area of operations included Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan.

Although small in numbers, the groups proved highly effective. The Mourabitin movement was especially effective in Iran where they joined with the Iranian Communist Party (the Tudeh). Ironically, much of their local support came from Islamic fundamentalists who saw the Mourabitin/Tudeh movement as a means of discrediting the Iran Nowin government. Another source of covert aid was the Shir Iran (Lion of Persia) movement. The Shir Iran movement, comprised of die hard Iranian Royalists, hoped to play the fundamentalists off against the Marxists, to the detriment of all but themselves. They would then return the deposed Iranian royal family to the throne. The Iranian military, still recovering from the recent Iran-Iraq war, had its hands full dealing with the violence. They did, however, have more popular support than the opposition had counted on. This helped turn the tide and by the winter of 1994 only isolated pockets of resistance remained.

The Mourabitin's operations in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia never really got off the ground. Most of the Mourabitin were quickly rounded up or killed. In Pakistan, Mourabitin agitators managed to gain small footholds in the Baluchi Nationalist Movement.

Timeline of the Twilight War (1st Edition)
1991 1992-1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001

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