• Ethnic & religious violence in the Soviet central Asian republics escalates
    • The Soviet Union increases troop withdrawals, in order to use the forces internally
  • Germany opts to remain in NATO, but with much reduced commitment
  • Germany works on increasing standard of living in the East to a level commensurate with that in the West
  • The Bundeswehr is radically reduced in size
  • Germany puts pressure on NATO to reduce troops in proportion to the Soviet withdrawal
  • Germany agrees to station troops only in the West in return for a complete Soviet pull-out from the East
  • Hungary protests that the Romanian government is withholding medical relief of the AIDS epidemic from Magyar (ethnic Hungarian) areas. Bucharest denies the charge
    • French medical investigators accuse the Romanian government of concealing the size and severity of the AIDS infestation in rural areas
  • A wave of Slavic nationalism in Bulgaria prompts anti-Turkish riots. Many ethnic Turks are killed, increasing friction with Turkey
  • German ethnic groups demonstrate in Pomerania and Silesia, protesting alleged mistreatment by the Polish government
  • In the United Kingdom, public opinion is outraged when it is discovered that the new trans-channel tunnel will have a greater percentage of Arab and Japanese ownership than British
  • Americans continue to be scandalised at the extent of Japanese and South Korean ownership of property and at the increasing wave of urban violence caused by the explosion of crack into the urban centres of the East and Midwest
  • Continued low oil prices wreak havoc with the economies of several third world countries
    • Debt refinancing, particularly for South America, becomes an increasingly difficult issue

Timeline of the Twilight War (2nd Edition)
1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000

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