• In March, NATO, Warsaw Pact and Germany agree to the Rhineland Compromise, which will see NATO forces in the Rhineland for five years
  • The Albanian communist government falls after a civil war, replaced by a caretaker military regime
  • "Europe 92" is put on hold after the German government requests the temporary postponement of the single European currency and other economic reforms
  • The Soviet Union suffers some major setbacks in dealing with the unrest in Central Asia
    • TASS accuses Iran of supplying arms to rebels in Central Asia and Caucasus. The Islamic fundamentalists start to grow in strength, and some start to call it a civil war
  • President Aquino is re-elected in the Phillipines by a narrow margin
  • In the US, President Bush decides not to run for re-election due to health issues. John Tanner, a Democrat from California, wins the election
    • Tanner's vice president, Deanna Pemberton, is the first woman to hold such a high office in the US
  • In North Korea, increasing numbers demand Soviet-style reform and German-style reunification with the South
    • Kim Jong Il, Kim Il Sung's son, who took over after his father's death, reacts with token reform measures

Timeline of the Twilight War (2nd Edition)
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