• Full-scale war erupts between the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China
    • The Chinese ability to mobilise surprises many, and Soviet losses mount
    • Large bodies of Citizens' Militia start operating in the Soviet rear areas
  • The Chinese counter-attack, and large pockets of Soviet troops are formed. Most are able to fight their way out, but losses are great
  • The Soviet Union mobilises troops from the West for the war in China. Several combat-ready divisions are withdrawn from Hungary and Poland to be sent to the Far East
  • Civilian production in the Soviet Union reduces as resources are taken up by the war effort. Standard of living drops
  • Poland sends a motorised rifle division to fight in China
  • Bulgaria promises to send a brigade group, once it is re-equipped with modern weapons by the Soviets
  • Germany rescinds its agreement on size and location of armed forces. The six eastern brigades are expanded to weak divisions, and the original six divisions are expanded to nine
    • Poland protests and increases state of readiness of several divisions in western Poland
  • In Romania, Magyars (ethnic Hungarians) demonstrate against the government. Riot police suppress the demonstrations, and Hungary protests
  • There are several days of anti-Turkish rioting in Bulgaria after a Bulgarian national, accused of attempting to assassinate the Turkish president, dies in custody
  • Late in the year, UN forces are sent to intervene in the Sri Lankan civil war

Timeline of the Twilight War (2nd Edition)
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