• To help secure Brazil against the growing chaos in South America, the U.S. sends a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) to aid in securing the interior. The Marine units are based out of Mato Grosso, A Brazilian state in the western part of the country near Bolivia.


  • China sends a steady stream of small Special Forces teams covertly to various cities, establishing safe houses all over the western U.S. The teams setup rental storage units housing enough weaponry to outfit several light infantry battalions.
  • Russia invades Poland.
  • February 25th - Russia launches 3 prong ground assault against Europe.







  • August 10th - a pair of Chinese submarines launches their contingent of nuclear missiles (almost 100 warheads total) at various targets within the U.S.
    The United States military manages to shoot down over three dozen warheads before they strike their targets. Several prominent cities are struck including Washington DCBlast Small Abomb, Norfolk, VirginiaBlast Small Abomb, Los Angeles, CaliforniaBlast Small Abomb and Chicago, IllinoisBlast Small Abomb (some with multiple hits). At least two high altitude air burstsBlast Small Abomb take place as well.
    At the same time of the Chinese attacks, a Chinese cargo ship is scuttled by her crew in the Panama Canal, at the Pedro Miguel Locks.





Timeline of the Twilight War (3rd Edition)
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