Twilight Nightmares
Twilight Nightmares cover
Sourcebook for no specific location
Soucrebook Length 100 pages
Designer(s) Loren Wiseman
Date Published 1991
Product Number GDW 2010
ISBN Number 1-55878-095-5

Want to wake up jaded players? Drop their characters into on of these adventures and listen to them gasp. Designed for groups looking for the unusual, these Twilight Nightmares are usable in either Twilight: 2000 or Merc: 2000 campaigns, whether as "official" episodes or as momentary diversions. The book includes:

  • The Rumors of Our Extinction…: Biotechnologically resurrected from a few, faint DNA traces, titanic reptiles from the age of dinosaurs stalk the deserts of New Mexico, searching for something to eat.
  • The Orpheus Extract: a pair of agents wants your help to free a colleague held hostage. A German intelligence officer holds a captive whom he believes can put a secret base back into operation. Poised between the two sides hangs a deadly secret, and the PCs could tip it toward their own salvation or destruction.
  • This Ain't No Weather Balloon: On the trail of a lost business tycoon, the PCs discover a crashed saucer from a another world, and its mysterious zombie guards.
  • Warlord: An unseen warlord bent on world conquest, a secret mountain factory using slave labor and a terrorized village draw the PCs into an encounter with the unexpected.

Twilight Nightmares contains six fully developed adventures and four short scenarios which can be introduced as encounters in almost any other campaign, as well as black-and-white and color pages containing player handouts to help spice up the adventures and improve the ease of play.

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