The Type 88C (also known as the Type 96) is a Chinese main battle tank, fitted with an autoloading 125mm smoothbore gun with a laser rangefinder and reactive armour. The main gun can fire APFSDS, HEAT and HE rounds, and is also capable of firing the 9M119M Refleks ATGM, though it is not clear whether the Type 88C is fitted with the equipment required to use gun-fired ATGMs.

2nd Edition StatsEdit

Price: $500,000 (-/R)
RF: +3
Travel Move: 130/75
Combat Move: 35/20
Fuel Capacity: 900
Fuel Consumption: 300
Fuel Type: D, A
Load: 500kg
Vehicle Weight: 41.5 tons
Crew: 3
Maintenance: 18

2nd Edition Combat StatsEdit

Armament: 125mm gun, PK MG coaxial, DShK MG (C)
Stabilisation: Fair
Ammo: 36 x 125mm
Configuration: Turret
Suspension: T: 6
TF: 70
TS: 24
TR: 20
HF: 100
HS: 16
HR: 10

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