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A Unified Combatant Command (UCC) is a United States joint military command composed of forces from two or more services, has a broad and continuing mission, and is organized either on a geographical basis (known as "Area Of Responsibility", AOR) or on a functional basis. All UCCs are commanded by either a four star general or admiral and are considered "joint" commands with specific badges denoting their affiliation. UCCs (formerly known as "COCOMs", a term now reserved exclusively for the authority they hold, which is also called "combatant command") are led by Combatant Commanders (CCDRs), formerly known as a regional "Commander-in Chief" (CINC; pronounced "Sink").

The Unified Command Plan (UCP) is updated annually in conjunction with the DoD Fiscal Year and can modify areas of responsibility or combatant command alignments or assignments. As of January 2008, there were ten Unified Combatant Commands as specified in Title 10 and the latest annual UCP. Six have regional responsibilities, and four have functional responsibilities. President Truman approved the first Unified Command Plan on 14 December 1946. It encompassed the following:

List of current Unified Combatant CommandsEdit

Regional Responsibilities
HQ:Kelley Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany
HQ:MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida
HQ:Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany
HQ:Camp H. M. Smith, Honolulu, Hawaii
HQ:Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, Colorado
HQ:Doral, Florida
Functional Responsibilities
HQ:Norfolk, Virginia
HQ:MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida
HQ:Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha, Nebraska
HQ:Scott Air Force Base, St. Clair County, Illinois

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