Pre-Twilight WarEdit

(Overview of the United Kingdom before the Twilight War timeline.)

During and After the Twilight WarEdit

(Overview of the United Kingdom during the Twilight War timeline.)
Civil Defense (CD)
Found in the micro-national settlements as a dedicated militia/police force, focused on defending the town, making sure that supplies are distributed properly and that peace and order is maintained. They were respected members of their community, loyal to the public and to their town.
Civil Protection (CP)
Government-controlled areas is mostly petty bureaucrats and thugs in uniform. They are loyal to the Government, and assist in monitoring communities to make sure no uprisings occur. That’s not to say that there weren’t a few CP Wardens grandfathered in from CD, who believe that CP is largely corrupt and totalitarian. These individuals are either too scared to argue, or work from within CP to assist the Resistance movement.

Other Countries in the British IslesEdit

The remaining governments of Wales and Cornwall state that they will not follow the dictates of the King, as long as these methods are used, and declare their secession from the United Kingdom in order to become independent nations focused on their own survival. Wales and Cornwall form a joint defense pact against the Royal Armed Forces.

Notable NPCsEdit

The following page(s) contains fan created material for the Twilight:2000 role-playing game. These are not canon, but flesh out areas overlooked in the rules. Feel free to add them to your campaigns as needed.
King Alexander IV
Former Earl of Ulster, Ruler of the Loyalist forces. King Alexander is trying to unite the British Isles under his rule.
Prime Minister Johnathan Archibald
Leader of the Rebel forces. Prime Minister Archer was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom when the Coup that brought King Alexander to power. Archer headed North to Scotland to gather forces to oppose the King.

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