Location: North of Cardiff, Wales

The party is ordered to recon the large alien pod that landed in The Black Mountains. They are to learn what the aliens are doing in the mountains.

19 September 2009 - First Session
The party started North, quickly realizing that they did not have enough fuel to make it all the way to the Black Mountians. The party comes accross a patrol of "Hunters" with a gun pod in support. A well placed hit from the 30mm Autocannon knocked out the gun pod and automatic fire killed most of the hunters, two hunters were captured and sent back to base.
After spending an uneventful night in a small town the party filled the vehicles and drove North. About 10km South of the drop pod most of the party disembarked and approached the area around the pod. 5km into the hump to the pod a listening post was stumbled upon, and quickly dispatched. The only real causality on the party's side was Mike's character who took a serious wound in the fight.

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