The Party:

British Army (1QDG) - Major William McGregor
Old School British Officer, He is a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.
Player: Don
Royal Marine (40Commando) - Sgt Xavior Wycliffe
Royal Marine sniper
Player: Randy
Royal Marine (40Commando) - Cpl McTwin
Royal Marine Sapper
Player: Jeff
Royal Marine (40Commando) - Cpl McTwine
Royal Marine Scout
Player: Eric
British Army (1QDG) - 1Lt
Chaplin for the 1st QDG
Player: Scott
British Army (1QDG) - Sgt
Driver of the APC
Player: Ronny
British Army (1QDG) - Sgt
Driver of the IFV
Player: Dave/NPC
British Army (1QDG) - Cpl
Support Weapon/ Vehicle Gunner
Player: Mike
British Army (1QDG) - Sgt
Medic for the 1st QDG
Player: NPC

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