Wreck StatusEdit

Wrecks are divided into four categories, based on why they were abandoned.

  1. Intact- The crew was killed by a shell penetrating the cabin, or was abandoned in a panic. All of the parts are in working order (except for a small hole in the armor). Roll 1-4 random systems affected by minor damage
  2. Broken down- Either due to wear, or accident, the Vehicle has suffered a critical mishap, and broken down. This could be simple (a thrown track) or serious (a seized engine), but only one component is badly damaged. One critical system (engine, suspension, transmission, chassis) has been Major Damaged, 1-6 random systems have suffered minor damage.
  3. Explosion- As a result of a penetrating round, the ammunition store exploded, damaging most of the internal components and killing the crew. Many systems (including storage, gun, traverse, electronics, etc) are destroyed. Roll 1-6 systems Major damage, 1-6 minor.
  4. Fire- The main fuel store caught on fire, burning the vehicle into a empty shell. The only undamaged component is the Hull, and even that is only useful for scrap metal. No systems function, but 1-10XMaint value of scrap parts can be extracted. This is a task (Mec:Avg, 1 manhour per Maint value).
Wreck completeness

In addition to damage conditions, the vehicles will have been stripped down. The more obvious the wreck, or the more populated the are, the more likely the wreck is to have been stripped in a given period of time.

  1. Clean- Everything is there after the crew died or fled. This could be due to miraculous happenstance, or the vehicle being lost in a deep forest or swamp.
  2. Fuel and Ammunition has been taken
  3. Everything not tied down has been taken (tool boxes, external tanks, etc), external machinguns too, but not internal ones.
  4. People have been over this with simple tools, Radio, all machineguns, night vision gear, etc...
  5. Onboard electronics, sights, main weapon (if working), tires, motor oil drained.
  6. Sections of track gone, all internal components, engine stripped (plugs, wires, alternator, battery, etc).
  7. Engine gone except blocks, hatches gone, all loose wires, nuts and bolts.
  8. Transmission stripped, engine blocks taken, struts and suspension taken.
  9. Transmission and axles taken, springs, steering column, turrets removed, mountings welded off.
  10. Hull stripped of easy metal, some work with a torch to remove steel plates.

Most wrecks in 2000 will be type 5-7, unless there has been a recent battle. Determining specific damage to the wreck For each major and minor damage indicated in the wreck status table, A die roll is made to determine damage location.

Table 1 Damage location
Roll Artillery Vehicle
1-2 Main Gun Hull
3 Main Gun Turret (Hull)
4 Suspension Turret (Susp)
5-6 Suspension Suspension

Next, specific systems are rolled in the indicated location.

Table 2 Systems
Roll Hull System Suspension (D6) Turret system
1-2 Engine Track/wheel Sight-Vision
3-4 Transmission Chassis Traverse
5 Radio Hull Broken Controls
6 Controls Suspension Secondary Weapon
7 Hull Main Weapon
8 Fuel tank Main Weapon
9 Munition storage Munition storage
10 Hatches Hatches

Once a damaged system is determined, it requires certian skills to conduct repairs. An damaged engine will need further examination (Avg:Mec) to determine it’s specific status, and another die is rolled.

System Damage /Roll Fix Replace Jury Rig Fabricate
Engine Minor
1-2 Dif:Mec Ezy:Mec Avg:Mec A
3-4 (wires) Avg:Elc Ezy:Mec Avg:Mec B
5 (Fuel delivery) Dif:Mec Avg:Mec Dif:Mec Avg:Mst
6 (Battery) Avg:Chm+Avg:Elc Avg:Mec Dif:Mec Dif:Chm+Dif:Elc
Engine Major
1-2 (Seizure) Impossible Avg:Mec For:Mec For:Mst
3-4 (Shafts) Impossible Dif:Mec For:Mec For:Mst
5-6 (Cylinders/Block) Impossible Dif:Mec Imp:Mec For:Mst
Minor Dif:Mec Dif:Mec For:Mec For:Mst
Major Impossible Dif:Mec Imp:Mec For:Mst
Minor Dif:Mec Avg:Mec Dif:Mec Dif:Mst
Major Impossible Dif:Mec For:Mec For:Mst
Minor For:Mec Dif:Mec Dif:Mec For:Mst
Major Impossible For:Mec Imp:Mec Imp:Mst
Minor Dif:Elc Ezy:Mec Avg:Elc Impossible
Major For:Elc Ezy:Mec Dif:Elc Impossible
Minor Dif:Elc Avg:Elc Dif:Elc Impossible
Major Imp:Elc Avg:Elc For:Elc Impossible
Minor Impossible Impossible Avg:Mec For:Mtl
Fuel Tanks
Minor Impossible Avg:Mec Avg:Mtl Avg:Mtl
Major Impossible Avg:Mec Impossible Dif:Mtl
Ammo Storage
Minor Impossible Dif:Mec Avg:Mtl Dif:Mtl
Major Impossible Dif:Mec Dif:Mtl Dif:Mtl
Minor Impossible Avg:Mec Dif:Mtl Dif:Mtl
Major Impossible Avg:Mec For:Mtl Dif:Mtl
Minor Dif:Mec Dif:Mec Dif:Mec For:Mst
Major For:Mec For:Mec For:Mec Imp:Mst
Secondary Weapon
Minor Dif:Gs Ezy:Mec Impossible Dif:Mst
Major Impossible Ezy:Mec Impossible For:Mst
Main Weapon
Minor Dif:Mec + Dif:Gs Avg:Mec Dif:Mec + For:Gs For:Mtl+Mst
Major Impossible Avg:Mec Impossible Impossible
1-The amount of time taken is doubled
[A] Hoses and fittings can be made from cloth and latex Avg:Chm
[B] Wire can be salvaged easily from cities, spark plugs must be fixed (Dif:Mst) or replaced.
A special note on electronic components
As EMP has destroyed most transistor and IC (chip) components in europe, many people are resorting to vacuum tubes, the simplest of which can be fabricated. Even broken vacuum tubes can be re-sealed. For this reason, complicated vacuum tubes are a highly sought after prize.Vacuum tubes can be used to repair transistor electronics (Radios), or fabricate new ones. Fabricating a Vacuum tube is Avg:Mtl (glassblowing cascade) and Ezy:Elc. Vacuum tube parts are 20 times larger than transistors, and require 5 times as much power.

Finding WrecksEdit

The encounter table.

These are better than average wrecks, and will be in better condition.

Derelict Vehicle: -3, never Burnt, roll 1d3 to determine cause of abandonment. There may be (1-3n6) 1d6 other vehicles nearby but in worse condition (may be burnt).
Derelict Convoy: -1, roll 1d3+1 to determine if they have burnt.
Abandoned supply dump: 0, 1d6 vehicles 1-5:V, 6:A/Arty either Broken or exploded (roll d2)
Abandoned Repair Yard: +1, 3d6 vehicles 1-4:V, 5-6:A/Arty either Broken or exploded, in various states of disassembly.
Repair Yard: -2, 4d6 vehicles 1-4:V, 5-6:A/Arty as above. 1d6 of these vehicle will be capable of being fully repaired (and will be in condition 2-3 at any time)
Every period of travel over forest/swamp, or every 10km of road will turn up a wreck site (in addition to encounter generated wrecks).
There will be 1d6 vehicles, if a 6 is rolled, roll another d6 and multiply, if a second six is rolled, keep repeating the process (hundreds of dead vehicles can be found on a single battlesite). For large groups of vehicles, add +1 to condition rolls. They will be broken (1-2), Exploded (3-6) or burnt (7-10).
Every hectare of city (100msq) will contain 3d6 civilian vehicle wrecks.
These will be broken (1-3) or burnt (4-10), most will be cars, but some will be trucks or vans (20%). they will be heavily stripped (+4) unless there is some good reason for them not to be (under a collapsed parking garage).

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